What happens when you mix components of Rick and Morty, Connor McGregor, the Looney Toons, The Joker, and a crap ton of color? What you get is self-taught artist, Jacob Minkovitz.

Jacob Minkovitz, AKA Mink, a 22-year-old artist from Boca Raton, Florida, is gracing the Florida art scene at a menacing pace. Fresh on to the scene, Mink began his artistic journey just nine-months ago when he moved into his first home. Upon moving, the empty white walls needed to be filled with something, so Mink thought, "what better way than making it yourself!" After creating the first piece for his home, Mink found the creative process to be addictive, finding a huge amount of excitement in creating artwork. 

Upon finding his calling through art, Mink begin practicing techniques and styles, studying other artists and genres, honing in on finding his niche in the art world. After practicing and finding where his comfort lies, Mink has targeted his abilities in the realm of Contemporary Pop-Art. Mink dabbles in all sorts of eye-popping subjects-from Louis Vuitton to renditions of Albert Einstein, "when it comes to my work, I try to create the most unique pieces of art, I pride my paintings on being the most authentic paintings you can buy in the market." Mink predominantly sells through social media, one of the most effective tools for reaching large audiences with very little effort. Mink attributes this to his overall success in the marketing and selling of his pieces. His approach is a very interesting one where he utilizes different ways to appeal to users, "You can reach thousands within your city with one post. People love social media influencers and the way I structure my business account is to be more focused on content and less of selling my art to my peers and followers." This approach is not utilized by many. 

Art by Mink

The best way to appeal to a potential consumer is through creating a virtual experience that is relatable, incorporated with a good-looking and professional product. Mink does this remarkably well through his Instagram combine with his talent and output. The familiarity of the subjects within his pieces, in addition to the vibrant and colorful composition, makes for an extremely admirable and 'can't miss' content that is hard not to like. 

Mink's abilities are beyond his years, or should we say months. His dedication and grit are certainly there and that alone is enough to get him to where he needs to be. If you are interested in Mink's work and want a piece of your own, you can find him on Instagram, @minkpaintings, where you can DM him with your ideas and he'll get be able to get back to you with what can be done. You can also find reproductions and originals of his on his very own webpage that will be available very soon, stay tuned for that. We're looking forward to the new works he has in store!


Contact Mink:

Email: minkpaintings@gmail.com