Popping-up all around South Florida is the newest trend in letting your inner creativity come out while holding a cold-one straight from the tap. Courtesy of talented Florida artist, James Trend, Beers & Brushes makes going out to the bar a more creative experience than it was before, if it ever was at all. 


Beers & Brushes is one of a kind painting experience where you and your friends can go to your favorite local restaurants, bars, and breweries where you'll enjoy good food, grab a drink, and then pick up a paintbrush and paint with local artists. This creates a very intuitive cycle. Besides giving local artists a chance to become more familiar with their local audience and showcase their skills, this also enables bars, restaurants, and breweries to host the events and then gain an audience of their own. It's a win-win, for the artist and the establishment hosting.  


The creator of Beers & Brushes, James Trend (plug link here), started out hosting these events by himself but now he has grown his artist base quite rapidly. He can hosts multiple classes in different locations in a single night. With the quarantine and lockdown of a majority of establishments around the US, Beers & Brushes was able to host multiple virtual events promoting local artists, musicians, and bands allowing for people to tune in and donate because of the lack of performance opportunities. However, Florida has been slowly, but surely, opening businesses back up and coming up this June 15th, Beers & Brushes will be hosting a class with local artist Riivo Suave at Crazy Uncle Mikes in Boca Raton with a generous deal of two free drinks.


Beers & Brushes continues to grow and strives to expand. They have events planned mainly in South Florida but their sights are set on expanding to Jacksonville, Florida, and even as far as Charlotte, North Carolina. If you're interested in taking a class one day, the best way to see when and where a Beers & Brushes class is happening is to follow them on Instagram @Beersandbrushes and Like their Facebook page, Beers and Brushes. To see events near you, you can also find Beers & Brushes on Eventbrite and sign up to reserve your spot.