Jacob Minkovitz, AKA MINK, is a self-taught artist who is inspired to create art in the most unique and colorful ways.

"The meaning behind my art is showing appreciation to icons or iconic moments in history. The best way you can portray a moment is the expression it brought to the people in the moment. By surrounding the icons with cartoon expressions it represents the true meaning of that iconic moment. I always believe that the best creations made are when your mind has no limitations and is free to do as it feels. " - MINK


The Mind Behind Iconic Mashups: Mink

The Mind Behind Iconic Mashups: Mink

What happens when you mix components of Rick and Morty, Connor McGregor, the Looney Toons, The Joker, and a cr*p-ton of color? What you get is self-taught artist, Jacob Minkovitz.

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