ROI-NJ Enterprise Plan - SHOTCA

ROI-NJ Enterprise Plan

E-services by SHOTCA

Email Marketing and Retargeting 

Utilize Existing EMAIL CRM 

  • Cross-channel content marketing strategy focused around your bi-monthly Digital Print Edition. 
    • (“Ditch the Print” campaign, promoting environmental stance)
  • Consistent interaction with B2B members
    • Curated topics for member’s daily newsletter 
  • Leverage Hot-Button Marketing 

Youtube and Google Ads

  • Low-cost youtube targeting and retargeting ads + ad content creation.
    • Build awareness and ad recall
      • Trueview 15 second Ads charged per one-thousand impressions.
      • Bumper ads 6-second video capture.
    • Growth consideration and interest
      • Trueview instream skippable ads, cost is per view
    • Drive action
      • Trueview discovery ads (Pay only when someone clicks on a thumbnail)
  • Google ad targeting and retargeting 
    • Monthly Cost per impression strategy 
      • Monthly Keyword tagging optimization 
        • Adjustable pricing per ad
          • Trending news campaign marketing utilizing keywords for SEO

Search Engine Optimization

  • Meta tags web - traffic optimization with Google search console
    • Alternative text optimization on all images on ROI-NJ. Will help cross-reference keywords for improved search results
    • Posting SEO to gain more ranking on google through Wordpress.
  • Optimization needed to work in tandem with Google/Youtube ads.
    • Matched keywords

New-Demographic Channels & Targeting. 

Instagram Hashtag-Focused Content Distribution. -  Using relevant #Hashtags can boost authority. 

  • Niche Hashtag Targeting
    • Discover hashtags that work for your target demographic. 
    • Mixture between Niche Dem. and New Dem.
      • Per Post: 15% Growth in non-follower discovery of post.

Content Improvement - Creating Cohesive Branded Content can boost Brand Credibility across platforms 

  • Branded Instagram templates 
    • Customized Content Templates Developed for all Platforms 
      • I.e Instagram Story, Instagram TV, Instagram Feed (1080x1350)

Leverage Hot-Button marketing. (Headliner content and/or featured List)

Push Notifications 

  • ‘OneSignal’ Push notifications, free WordPress plugin (E-mail, phone, website capable, new article updates when opted into receiving)